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Draft Schools Admission Policy May 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the first draft of our School Admissions Policy. We welcome suggestions and comments. Sincere thanks, Ms. A. Fitzpatrick

Please click here for Policy

A Message from Father Little during COVID-19

Hello girls,

Fr Little here.  I know that this is a very strange time that the whole world is going through, as we try to cope with this Corona Virus.  We hear on our televisions and our radios how sick the people who get infected can become. So we all have to do our best to stay isolated.  I know that you will probably find this very difficult, as you will have to stay at home with your family all the time and are missing being with your friends.


Maybe Holy God is asking us to treasure more our families, so it is important that you do your best to help your parents at this time.   It will be especially important that you pray to Holy God asking Him to keep us all safe and well because God always loves to hear children bringing their messages to Him. 


I know that you are being helped by the teachers and your parents to continue doing your studying and homework through the use of the internet.  I know that you are all very good at surfing the net so it will be a good opportunity for you to keep up the good work that you are doing in school. 


Those of you who were preparing for your Confirmation and for your First Holy Communion need not worry because when this is over we will have a day to celebrate with you and your family together.  The exact date of First Holy Communion and Confirmation has not yet been decided but it will take place hopefully this year. 


If you have a pet dog it will be important that they are exercised so it might be possible for you, with your parents to bring them for a walk. 


Can I, once again, ask you to please continue praying to Holy God and joining the Parish at the 9.30am Mass each day on the webcam and the 7pm Mass on Saturday and 10.30am Mass on Sunday because we need all the prayers to help scientists and medical people to find a cure for this virus. 


I am missing seeing you in school but know that you are safe and well in the care of your parents.  I pray each day that you and your family will be safe and well always.


Kind regards


Fr Tom Little

Aladdin Connect Letter
Dear Parents,
Please see the Aladdin Connect letter to parents, April 2020. read more ...
Child Safeguarding Statement 2019

A review of our school's Child Safeguarding Statement was last updated on 11/03/2019.

Click here for Child Safeguarding Statement 2019

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